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3 ton Biomass Fired Steam Boiler Used for Rubber Industry Production in Sri Lanka


A special rubber and plastic company in Sri Lanka is one of the most professional production bases of industrial rubber plates in the region. It mainly produces special rubber plates, industrial rubber plates, anti-skid fitness series, water gate rubber seal series and other rubber products with complete specifications and a wide range of products. It is well known that a large amount of steam is required for drying, calendering, curing and other processes in the production of rubber enterprises. Therefore, industrial boiler is the main power equipment in the rubber industry. From the perspective of energy consumption composition, the fuel consumption of boiler equipment accounts for 70% of the total energy consumption of the enterprise. So the introduction of energy-saving and environment-friendly boilers is conducive to improving fuel utilization, reducing boiler operating costs, and effectively achieving the purpose of energy conservation and consumption reduction. It is one of the main channels for rubber enterprises to improve their economy. The DZL series biomass steam boiler produced by Sitong Boiler is reasonable in design, compact in structure, advanced in combustion mode, and customers use wood as boiler fuel so that it can not only produce high-quality steam to meet the production requirements of rubber, but also is very environmentally friendly, which can truly realize green production.


According to the customer's requirements for steam efficiency, environmental protection and energy conservation, Sitong Boiler customized a 3 ton DZL series wood fired steam boiler for them. This series of boiler is a horizontal three-return water fire tube chain grate boiler, which can realize the switching of biomass, medium bituminous coal and anthracite. The threaded smoke pipe used in the boiler is also a high-efficiency heat transfer element researched by Sitong Boiler for many years, and the heat transfer coefficient is 1.8 times higher than that of the ordinary smoke pipe. And this single-drum vertical chain grate biomass steam boiler has the characteristics of full fuel combustion and high thermal efficiency. The boiler is delivered in the form of quick installation, and its volume is simple, which can reduce the capital investment for customers. At present, the boiler has been installed in the customer's factory. The picture shows the customer's acceptance site of the boiler:

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