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15t Natural Gas Fired Condensing Boiler is Shipped For Mongolia

15t Horizontal Natural Gas Fired Condensing Boiler is Shipped For Mongolia

The horizontal type natural gas fired boiler with condenser is used for milk processing plant. The steam capacity is 15ton/tph, the working pressure is 16bar. 

The gas steam boiler is equipped with condenser, use the heat of flue gas to increase the water inlet temperature and decrease the exhaust gas temperature. It improves the thermal efficiency to about 98% and save the operating cost. More over, the condenser adopts finned tubes, the material of tubes is stainless steel, which avoid low temperature corrosion of steel, extend the working life. The boiler is also equipped with explosion-proof device, Simens/Schneider electric controller, to ensure the safe and stable operation.

Sitong Boiler is a national approved and designated enterprise, with design and manufacturing license permits of A1, A2 industrial boilers and D1 pressure vessels. Sitong Boiler focused on oil gas fired boilers for more than 30 years, the operation failure rate of oil gas boiler is lower than 0.1. 

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