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5t/h Oil Boiler for Jordan

Parameter of Oil Boiler Boiler Model

WNS5-1.0-Y Steam Capacity: 5t/h 

Fuel: heavy oil 

Rated steam temperature: 194℃ 

Boiler heating area: 30m2 

Application: EPS Industry 

EPS Industry Projects 

5t/h gas boiler is exported to Jordan, the boiler is used for EPS industry. Currently, environmental issue is the most tough topic for EPS industry all over the wold. Government request EPS industry have to make the environmental renovation on boiler and environmental equipment, etc. Based on government and customers’ requirement, engineer of Sitong Boiler is suggest to equipped with the desulfurization and dust removal equipment, as the fuel used for the boiler is heavy oil, there will be large mounts of SOx, which will pollute the environment. Otherwise, the oil boiler is equipped with condenser, which could increase the boiler thermal efficiency higher than 98%, and could save energy. 

Characteristics of Oil Boiler 

1. High Efficiency. The oil boiler is flue gas three pass structure and equipped with condenser, the boiler has higher thermal efficiency.  

2. Low SOx Emission. The oil boiler is equipped with desulfurization equipment, environmental protection. 

3. Low NOx Emission. The oil boiler is equipped with high combustion efficiency oil burner, the NOx emission is relatively low. 

4. High Safely Performance. The oil boiler is equipped with Reliable boiler auxiliaries and multiple safety protection devices, to ensure safe operation. 

5. Low cost. The oil boiler is automatic operate, could save labor cost. 

Boiler Suitable for EPS Industry 

WNS Fire Tube Steam Boiler 

Capacity: 0.5t~25t 

Fuel: heavy oil, light oil, diesel, LPG, natural gas, city gas, etc. 

SZS Water Tube Steam Boiler 

Capacity: 6t~40t 

Fuel: heavy oil, light oil, diesel, LPG, natural gas, city gas, etc. 

WDR Electric Boiler 

Capacity: 1t~5t 

Fuel: electricity

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