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2.5ton Electric Boiler Used in Ethiopia

Model: WDR2.5-0.7 

Rated Evaporation Capacity: 2.5t/h

Rated Pressure: 0.7Mpa 

Rated Steam Temperature: 170℃ 

Thermal Efficiency: 99% 

Fuel: Electric 

Application: Garment factory 

Projects in Ethiopia

Ethiopia customer ordered one set 1500000kcal/h electric boiler in February, for his new garment factory, while he is very urgently as he planed to begin doing the business at the start of March. In order not to delay his business, Engineering of Sitong Boiler designed the boiler carefully and quickly, and applied the Ethiopia visa at the same time. We provide quick oversea install service for the customer, our engineers welded by himself, connect all accessories with the boiler, they finished all work and running the boiler within 10 days, customer was very happy we could do such excellent work in such a short period, and also help him save lots of money. 

In Ethiopia, electric is a kind of cheap resource than other kind of fuel, such as oil gas fuel, coal fuel and biomass fuel, so electric boiler is very popular there. We have already offer many electric boilers to Ethiopia, for example: 0.5ton electric steam boiler for laundry, 1745KW electric hot water boiler used for school, 1500000kcal/h electric steam boiler for food processing industry, 1ton electric steam boiler for university kitchen. 

Features of WDR Series Electric Steam Boiler 

1. All the electrical elements have the CE and CCC certification to make sure the boiler safety and long live. 

2. Each group electrical heating elements focus on type of flange connection to make the structure simple, safe and easy to repair. 

3. With large steam space and good quality steam. 

4. Electrical control cabinet separated from boiler body can make heat emission easily and many sets of parallel. 

5. PLC control system control and display make the operation simple and safe. People can control water temperature .Screen can show equipment operation parameters and produce alarm in the fault. 

6. Environment protection, no NOx emission, operate quite and clean.

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