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8ton SZL Series Chain Grate Steam Boiler for Bangladesh Gypsum Boards Factory

Model:  SZL8-1.0-AII

Rated Evaporation Capacity: 8ton (8t/h, 5.6MW, 4800000Kcal)

Working Pressure: 1.0 MPa (10bar, 10kg/m2, 145PSI)

Available Fuel: II class bituminous coal

Application: Gypsum boards factory

Characteristics of Sitong SZL Series Chain Grate Boiler:

1. Strong adaptability of solid fuels: coal, wood, biomass pellet, etc

2. Whole membrane water cooling combustion chamber and inverted "α" arch furnace technology achieve high combustion efficiency, high output

3. Prevent secondary combustion deformation and grate air leakage

4. Extended length of the grate, extended the coal burning time, improved the boiler thermal efficiency

5. Low boiler thermal inertia, furnace heat up fast, boiler start-up quickly

6. Flexible load adjustment

7. Light furnace wall structure reduce heating loss, start-up and stops quickly

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