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3500KW YLW Wood Fired Thermal Oil Boiler for Indonesia Plywood Production Line

Model: YLW-3500MA

Steam capacity: 3500KW

Working pressure: 0.8MPa

Highest working temperature: 320℃

Application: Plywood production

Fuel: Waste wood

Overview of Sitong YLW Coal/Biomass Fuel Thermal Oil Heater:

Thermal oil boiler is an high efficiency energy saving equipment with heating temperature can be as high as 340 ℃, and generally under working pressure of 1.1 MPa. Sitong YLW thermalfluid boiler adopts the best coil design, the furnace internal and external spiral coils are made of bulls, it has enough combustion space, low stress, high thermal efficiency, and high temperature, more over, it equipped with the advanced automatic control, to ensure operation safe and reliable. 

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