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EGB Boiler Fire Tube Type

Capacity : 1~75t/h

Pressure : 0.7~5.3MPa

Fuel : Heat of exhaust gas or waste liquid during production process

Application : Glass industry, coking industry, chemical industry, etc.

Brief Intro : Waste heat boiler produces steam or hot water by utilizing the heat of exhaust gas or waste liquid during production process, It could change waste into wealth, low cost, protect the environment, and could create economic benefits.

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>> Introduction
Waste heat boilers are the significant energy saving equipment, utilize the heat of flue gases from combustion processes or hot extract air from industrial processes or the turbine to generate hot water or steam for industrial use, power generation or water for life. It does not directly use disposable fuel, so it has the characteristics of energy saving and comprehensive utilization of energy.
>> Features
Energy saving and reduce production cost

1. Energy saving and reduce production cost

The boiler produces steam or hot water by utilizing the heat of exhaust gas or waste liquid during production process, do not need burn fuels, save energy.

2. Compact structure, high thermal efficiency

Adopts acicular heat exchanger, the heat exchange area is 6~8 times of smooth-tube heat exchanger. All the welding line is automatic welding, and detected by X-rays to ensure the quality. The volume and weight is decrease, lower cost on boiler installation.
Energy saving and reduce production cost

3. Anti-corrosion

Based on the different waste heat recovery boilers, Sitong boiler takes several measures to avoid the heating area is corroded by flue gas.

4. Environmental protection

According to the different waste gas, equipped with different dust remover or desulfurization equipment to meet the requirement of environmental protection.
Environmental protection

>> Parameter


Evaporation capacity


Rated Steam Temperature 


Working Pressure


Inlet Gas Capacity


Inlet Gas Temperature 


Exhaust Gas Temperature


Q11/950-4-2.5/400 4 400 2.5 11000 950 190
Q15/800-5-2.6/401 5 400 2.6 15000 800 180
Q26.8/900-9.8-2.5/400 9.8 400 2.5 26800 900 159
Q25.5/930-10-2.5/400 10 400 2.5 25500 930 148.4
Q38.2/930-15-2.5/400 15 400 2.5 38200 930 150
Q50/1100-25-2.5/400 25 400 2.5 50000 1100 157.1
Q72/860-25-3.82/450 25 450 3.82 72000 860 189

Note: 1. Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow the factory technical data.

2. Here is a part of parameters, please consult for more information.
3. We could design products based on customers’ requirement.

>> Projects
    Oil Gas Fired Boiler
    Coal Boiler
    Biomass Boiler
    Thermal oil Heater
    CFB Boiler
    EGB Boiler
    Hot water/oil Steam
    0.7-14 MW
    14.1-21 MW
    21.1-29 MW
    29.1-75 MW
    1-10 t/h
    11-20 t/h
    21-90 t/h
    91-140 t/h

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